What recession? For me it’s just Tuesday

I’m sick of it.

All of it.

This whole ‘state of recession’ is simply getting on my last nerve, and for those of you who know me – that last nerve’s just about had it! I guess my problem is not so much that there truly is a recession, as much that it seems much more urgent now that the richer folk are feeling the pinch.

Seriously, my whole life has been in recession, but I just called it “Tuesday.” Because that’s what we ‘regular folk’ call it. For us it’s just another day.

I chuckled when the newsflash went out just recently: The US has been in a recession since December 2007. How can that be? I wondered, since I’ve been recessed since Day One? Why didn’t it seem to be a big deal when I needed a bailout? More to the point: is there anyone who will bail me out? I don’t even need a ka’trillion dollars. I’ll settle for $500 and a gift card to the nearest food bank.

But let’s get back to this recession thing. Who determines when we’re recessed? Is it at least a six-person committee or simply a party of one? Do we really know these people? What schools have they attended? Was it Columbia, Yale or some correspondence course? What was their major?

I think these questions are valid. Think about it. I once had a tire changed and insisted the auto mechanic display his fully-stocked, DeWilt toolset-on-wheels AND show me his certification before I handed over my keys to my then-7-year-old Dodge Shadow.

How much more so should we investigate the person(s) who oversee(s) our finances?

Maybe it’s just me.

Or maybe it’s just Tuesday.


3 responses to “What recession? For me it’s just Tuesday

  1. Great post Judith. Congratulations on your success. Keep it up.

  2. Great job on your writing! I’m waiting for the answer to that same question of when and who gets to decided when the recession began. Now, will they let us know when its over? That way we’ll be able to see if our financial woes are the recession or just life!

  3. Those are the very questions I’d like answers to. I mean, I have no financial degree but I’ve known since childhood that I’m living a recession. Nobody has told me that I have overcome…and I shall…some day…LOL! Just not this day…

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