10 Things NEVER to Post on Social Networks – That means NOT EVER!

After just reading a story on the firing of a waitress – who complained of a a $5 tip left by customers who ran her for nearly 3 hours – I’ve decided to re-post, re-edit and re-Tweet/FB this baby as a reminder to the (obvious) Mensa candidates who just might stumble upon it.


This comes from the “they said what?!” archives. I’m constantly amazed at the stupid stuff people post on social networks so I’ve decided to write my own list of things NEVER to post on social networks…

#1) “Going on vacation – be back in a week!” – This is a no-brainer for obvious reasons (why not just open those blinds, leave the door unlocked and post a “Come in and rob me!” sign?). And yet…people do it all the time. Messages like “Hey guys, we’ll be in Mexico for 10 days,” or “Check out this photo we just took on vaca in Miami!” – are a sure invitation for trouble.


#2) “It’s just me and the little ones here for the weekend.” This one makes me cringe. Think about it: you don’t even want your neighbors knowing you’re all alone, why on earth would you put your life, and worse yet, the lives of your kids, at risk by posting this one? Think, people. Think!

#3) “My boss is a real jerk!” (or other such rants) – It goes without saying since most people listed as our “friends” or “followers” are co-workers, but these types of raves are the norm on social networks…and then we wonder why the pink slips are flying like…oh, whatever. Point is social networks are NOT confidential – no matter how many security tools you might download, purchase or create. Somebody somewhere is reading something that you don’t want seen. User beware!jerk
#4) “Just bought the new Wii! Dude, it’s awesome!” or “Just bought the new iPhone! Wait’ll you see what it can do!” – You might be the proud owner of the best technology money can buy…but telling thousands of strangers of your purchase only translates to “Yeah, I got toys…and maybe some money…and possibly both. Rob me blind. Please.” Smart move, Sherlock.

#5) “Wanna buy a kid?” – It might be a joke to YOU, but in today’s market, children are a hot commodity, so that type of innocent “prank” just might lead the FBI, DEA, County Children Services or other such organizations directly to your door…or worse: to your JOB where you’ll undoubtedly be the most unpopular “ex” employee at the site.

#6) “I’ll do anything for my Vicodin!” (or other type of drugs – prescription or not). Oh yeah, you’re a riot. We’re rolling in the aisles. Just don’t be crushed when HR comes around demanding a urine sample…especially before you take the wheel of the school bus. Poor kids. (You should be ashamed.)

bus driver
#7) “My 15-year-old neighbor is HOT!” – If you’re an adult, whether you’re a man or woman, married or single, gay or straight – THIS IS NOT COOL! Stop. NOW.

#8) “Just had the best job interview EVER” – To be clear, this sort of statement in and of itself is quite innocent…unless you’re still employed and your “friends” or “followers” get wind of it. And they will. They always do.

#9) “How do I off my spouse?” Seriously. Do you think THAT ONE won’t make the rounds? ‘Nuff said.

#10) “I think I married the wrong sibling.” – Are you TRYING to get killed??? I’m not even going to address this one. You’re hopeless. And pathetic. And probably deserve everything your spouse takes from you. What an imbecile.



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