For extra income: conduct a workshop

Let’s face it: in today’s economy we could all use an added financial boost. While some folks are satisfied with earning a pittance stocking shelves or working at a burger joint, some of us need a little more in monetary incentive to eke out a living. (For the record, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with stocking shelves or flipping burgers…somebody’s gotta do it and since it won’t be me, I appreciate the people who do.)

My own call for ‘mo’ money’ resulted in a brief panic. I wondered, “How on earth can I work for someone else? I run my own shop. Certainly there’s something I can do without working for the man!” (This being totally illogical since my two biggest clients are men.)¬†Whatever. I needed money and I needed it fast.

Entertaining the troops...I mean, "Teaching Class"

Entertaining the troops...I mean, "Teaching Class"

Sometime later a niece expressed interest in becoming a freelance writer, like me. Coincidentally or not, a second family member sent me an email telling me that she wanted to get into this field, but didn’t know where to start. After spending time trying to explain “how to” with them both (too much “free time” actually), the answer became quite obvious: conduct a workshop!

My niece: poet extraordinaire

My niece: poet extraordinaire

For a certainty not everyone will want to conduct a workshop about writing. But the best part about a workshop is that YOU get make up your own topic. Maybe you’re a bricklayer or a law student, a babysitter or customer service rep…maybe you like to knit dog sweaters or make homemade soap – whatever IT is that you do – chances are there are others just like you who would pay to know how to do it better.

Depending on the scope of your workshop and the degree of knowledge that you hold, you can earn a pretty decent penny by developing and conducting a workshop.

And if you repeat the workshop each month (or as frequently as you choose), it’s a repeat business that can be quite fulfilling.

So why not consider developing and conducting a workshop of your own? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Judith Brown is a nationally published freelance writer out of Harrisburg, PA. With nearly 30 years in the work force, her varied background represents county and state governments, non-profit organizations and the advertising industry, among others. Ms. Brown is a writer and editor for a health care publisher; conducts writing workshops; and provides on-site staff training in matters pertaining to diversity and workplace culture.


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