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Are you “in it to win it”? or just going with the flow?

Running your own shop is hard work. It doesn’t matter what that “shop” might be – grocery store, graphic design shop, barber shop – you name it. Point blank: Business (any business) requires diligence and effort.

Plenty of folks simply “wing it” each day, but that won’t give you the impetus to ride the long haul. I’m talking about endurance, sweat, hard work – all that good stuff. In today’s economy, you better be “in it to win it,” meaning “Perish even the thought of failure!”

For certain, just saying it doesn’t make it so. If you’re not willing to expend yourself, work double duty, and trade your dignity for humility – you’re not ready. If you’re not keen on the idea of additional training, networking with others and educating yourself – you won’t succeed.

I know plenty of folks who have brilliant ideas…always coming up with that next Big Thing. And that’s as far as it goes: a though process and nothing else. They’re clearly not “in it to win it.” They’re just winging it. Doing whatever comes next…going with the flow, so long as the flow doesn’t include a challenge.

But when you’re “in it to win it” you welcome the challenge. You thrive off the challenge. Because you KNOW what’s waiting on the other side of the struggle. And you won’t rest until you stare it down face-to-face.

So are you “in it to win it?”

Are you ready? Really ready?

Then get on your mark…

And GO!

Judith Brown is a nationally published freelance writer out of Harrisburg, PA. With nearly 30 years in the work force, her varied background represents county and state governments, non-profit organizations and the advertising and health care industries, among others. Ms. Brown also conducts writing workshops, provides on-site staff training in matters pertaining to workplace culture, and serves as a PR/marketing consultant for small business industries.