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Thankful every day

Originally written in Nov 2009.

As I open various social networks, I come across a plethora of “Happy Thanksgiving!” messages. I understand that many people celebrate this day as something special (most just want a really heavy meal, but I’m not here to judge).

But then I wonder, “What will everyone do tomorrow?”

To be truly thankful, we must give thanks daily, continuously.

I woke up this morning and greeted my son (who’s visiting from Pittsburgh). He was already up and at his PSP.

“Did you thank God this morning?” I asked him.

“No, not this morning. But I said my prayer before I went to sleep last night,” which I guess was his own way of patting himself on the back.

“So you didn’t thank Him for allowing you to wake up this morning?”

“Uh…” he muttered.

I replied, “When you said your prayer last night it should have been to thank Him for getting you through the day. This morning is another matter. You woke up.

“How would you feel if you gave someone something special all day long and they only said ‘thanks’ once?”

His response: “Okay, I see your point.”

I don’t know if he followed that statement with an actual ‘thanks to God,’ but it makes me think about all the Thanksgiving salutations.

Certainly, giving thanks is always a good idea. But whether you’re thankful for life in general, grandchildren, family, adequate transportation, food or the air we breathe – the true meaning of “thanksgiving” should not be limited to one day a year that’s posted on a calendar.

Every day should be a day of thanksgiving.

Be thankful every day

Be thankful every day


Tweet On / Tweet Off

…so here’s the thing…

I read a post where the writer was ranting about ‘someone’ (who was not me) had un-followed him. He was quite vocal about it…almost as if his lifeblood was pouring out as the un-follow was solidified. He was truly upset that he wasn’t ‘notified’ by the person that he was no longer in their ‘line’ (my word, not his).

So I got to thinking, What if I DID un-follow him? What’s it to him? Would he win/lose a distinct amount of brownie points for the un-follow? Is there some kind of tweeting contest that I am not privy to (and there just might be)? But, seriously…is it really that serious? What?! Are we breaking tweet laws by un-following? And quite honestly, why on earth would anyone notify you that they’re un-following you? Wouldn’t that be counterproductive? The very antithesis of the un-follow? Just plain ol’ stupid?

…and when I finished thinking it through, I realized that the jerk who wrote the piece and I had absolutely nothing in common. He wasn’t a vested interest of some kind (as I was not of his)…so I un-followed him.

…and no, I didn’t tell him before I did it.

Tweet on / Tweet off.