Monthly Archives: April 2011

brandingjuice…not just your everyday blog post

Yes, I’ve been away.

As I explained in March, I would focus my future efforts to my “brandingjuice.wordpress” blog. I’m happy to report it’s been quite successful.

“Brandingjuice” is (mostly) a marketing effort for my popular BlogTalkRadio show called “Livin’ the Dream! with JBlair Brown.” What began as a half-baked exercise is sheer vanity has become somewhat of a cult class on the BTR network.

I couldn’t be happier. With published authors, filmmakers (including actors, directors and other reps from the entertainment industry), “Livin’ the Dream!…” is fast on its way to making me, Juice, an internet celebrity. (Not that I was looking for fame…but if it happens….)

My point is this: no, I haven’t been updating this blog as I was had; however, I’m not slacking (never that!). I’ve been working even harder at my branding and marketing than I ever have in the past. AND yes, I’m still writing and serving as PR/marketing consultant to some GREAT up-and-coming household names!

And…my “Livin’ the Dream!…” radio show is soaring! Check it out for yourself.

Until the next time ~ Keep writing!

JBlair “Juice” Brown