About me…

In 2005, I took stock of my life. I was sitting at a reception desk, answering phones and feeling miserable.

I needed more.

Yet, with no college degree, no formal training in anything other than, “Good morning, thank you for calling [fill in company name here], this is Judith,” I knew I was unprepared.

What’s a girl to do?

So right there at work, I took out a sheet of paper and separated it into two columns: the first column would list all the things I was (legally) capable of doing in order to bring in revenue; and the second column listed the things I enjoyed doing that could possibly bring in revenue.

Through a process of elimination, writing came out on top. I fell in love with writing after I wrote my very first poem in Mrs. Pigeon’s fourth grade class (see “Thank You, Mrs. Pigeon,” on this site).

That very day I set a plan in motion which ultimately led me to this place. Here. Where I was meant to be.

I left my full-time position in December 2007 with no savings and barely a hope. But I did have faith.

Lots and lots of faith.

Turns out it wasn’t unfounded.


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