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Rumor 13,042: BILL COSBY IS DEAD…and TUPAC’S STILL ALIVE. What gives?

I never understood the rumor mill. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve contributed to the mill in my younger days (admittedly that was a l-o-n-g-g-g time ago!), but as of late, I think the rumor mill just stinks…like some putrefied raw fish head left baking on the sidewalk in the July heat.

NOT dead!

THAT’s what I think of the rumor mill today, especially when it comes to falsehoods like the latest “Bill Cosby death” rumor. (For the record: BILL COSBY IS NOT DEAD!)

Who starts a rumor like that – and for what? Is there some understated benefit to reporting Cosby’s death that I don’t know about? I mean for most of us who never knew him? I understand his family and friends benefiting (the man’s loaded!) – But the rest of us? What’s in it for us?

It puts me in mind of Mark Twain’s statement, “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Indeed, sir.

Cosby is the latest in a long line of celebrity victims who were pre-deceased

...a hot mess!

before their actual time. I remember the Whitney Houston death rumor. Now in defense of the rumor mill, Houston’s behavior (and her appearance) gave more credence to the rumors than they general do…they just never came to fruition. Thankfully. There was also Paul McCartney’s reported death back in the 60’s (no doubt girls in the U.S. and abroad were fainting out of hysterics over that one!); Eminem’s deadly car crash in 2000; Paris Hilton’s unfortunate demise is 2007; John Goodman’s 2005 “fatal heart attack,” which was even accompanied by an obituary; and too many more to mention.

Gone too soon

I don’t know which is worse: reporting a false death – or not allowing the (truly) dead to rest in peace. I remember my daughter trying to convince me that Tupac was still alive…he’d only left the country to start a new life.

There are the extremely devoted Elvis fanatics – rivaled only by the “it-cannot-be-true!” fanatics of Michael Jackson. Remember the endless rumor that President John F. Kennedy was really hidden away for several years following the Texas shooting (as in the film “Dave” starring Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver)? This one left me bewildered as a kid, but proves the theory that the rumor mill was in effect long before the Internet.

But that’s the danger of rumors…people tend to believe in them. But again, what value is there in creating these falsehoods and does anyone ever give thought to what such rumors do to the family and friends of the so-called “deceased”?

In short, I’ve concluded that folks who have nothing better to do than to start a rumor of someone else’s death, AND their counterparts (those who refuse to let the dead rest in peace) should all GET A LIFE! (And yes, the pun is intended.)