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Tweet On / Tweet Off

…so here’s the thing…

I read a post where the writer was ranting about ‘someone’ (who was not me) had un-followed him. He was quite vocal about it…almost as if his lifeblood was pouring out as the un-follow was solidified. He was truly upset that he wasn’t ‘notified’ by the person that he was no longer in their ‘line’ (my word, not his).

So I got to thinking, What if I DID un-follow him? What’s it to him? Would he win/lose a distinct amount of brownie points for the un-follow? Is there some kind of tweeting contest that I am not privy to (and there just might be)? But, seriously…is it really that serious? What?! Are we breaking tweet laws by un-following? And quite honestly, why on earth would anyone notify you that they’re un-following you? Wouldn’t that be counterproductive? The very antithesis of the un-follow? Just plain ol’ stupid?

…and when I finished thinking it through, I realized that the jerk who wrote the piece and I had absolutely nothing in common. He wasn’t a vested interest of some kind (as I was not of his)…so I un-followed him.

…and no, I didn’t tell him before I did it.

Tweet on / Tweet off.